A bit on faith.

My faith is not something that I have an easy time talking about, it’s very personal to me. But I’ve been feeling the need to write it down, express it somehow.

I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I believe in doing good works, and in serving others. I believe every person can have a personal relationship with God through heartfelt prayer. I believe that marriage is ordained of God and that families are forever. I believe in hard work. I believe in forgiveness. I believe that if you put forth your best effort, the Lord will make up the rest. I believe in personal revelation. I believe in a God of love.

These beliefs are the things that I hold closest to my heart. These are things that I have gained a testimony of throughout the years, by my own personal experiences.

I also believe in tolerance. I believe in letting people choose their own lives, and loving them regardless of your own values. I do not judge people for doing things differently from what I consider right, and I hope that they will not judge me for my own beliefs. I’m just a girl, trying to do my best. I am not even close to being perfect, so who am I to judge?

2 thoughts on “A bit on faith.

  1. I admire you for writing this out and completely respect you and your beliefs!! You may have noticed I have struggled with the faith we grew up in and I'm no longer active – I love my life without religion and finally feel free, but I know that it is my own personal journey and not for everyone. I've been wanting to do the same kind of post – confessing how I really feel about but haven't yet mustered the courage. Thanks for displaying such a great example to me! xo

    • I had this written out for a month before I got the "courage" to post it! I finally decided no one reads my blog anyway so why worry about it? haha!