The Comedian 3

“Mommy, I really want to be a horse, and you can be a rainbow.”

“Juniper, you are a big girl, you can wipe your own butt.”
“No. I’m a big BOY and boys are not good at wiping.”

“You know why I’m doing ABCs? Because they make me happy.”

“My room is a little bit messy.”
“Why don’t you go clean it up?”
“No Mommy, I can only clean it up on Wednesdays.”

(While riding in the car.) “I see a girl! Just like me! A cloud girl!”

“Sometimes I think I’m a princess. But really, I’m just a regular girl.”

(Speaking in to a playing card like it is a cell phone. I only wrote down the half of the conversation, I wish I had started writing sooner!) “I have to go, mine phone is dying. You’re phone is dying too? Oh no, you are just calling to say goodbye to me? But I don’t want you to say good bye. You are mine best friend. I just want you to come over to mine house! That would be fun. I’m having fun and going to bed but I can’t play with you because I’m going to bed. Goodbye. What? Oh! Ohhh. Oh. Something is not right? Oh I hate that too. Well, I’m thinking about something. Well, Goodbye.”

Sometimes Juniper will say something that itself isn’t very funny, but since she has trouble pronouncing certain words, it becomes hilarious. Like “whole spot”. Yesterday she yelled “I’m in mine hoe bot!”

“So if Daddy asked you if you ate any candy this morning, what would your answer be?”

4 thoughts on “The Comedian 3

    • Conversations with that kid are probably my favorite part of being a mom! I can't wait until Flynn starts talking, I'm sure the conversations they have with each other will be fantastic.