Craft Room Inspiration

My craft area is a disaster. As usual. So I’m sitting here, staring at it, trying to get motivated to start working on it. BUT of course that just doesn’t sound very appealing right now. So instead I’ll just post pretty pictures of what I wish my art room looked like. *sigh*

“I’d rather have art stuff all over the living room and have an artistic wife

than have a spotless clean living room and a boring, dull wife” ?

(Don’t I just have the best husband ever?)

 Everything about this craft room is gorgeous, but I especially love 
this magnetic inspiration wall.

I’m loving the clothes line look ?
This room is so beautiful! I love the colors and the natural lighting!!
I wish I knew Spanish so I could read this blog.
I love that chair.. And the colors!
COLOR! Oh how I love thee!
I can’t wait until we own a house that I can paint ?
I love all those shelves! And the huge table!
And that is definitely what mine would look like…