Happy Belated Embrace Your Geekness Day!!

I meant to make this post yesterday, but the days have all been blurring together lately! In honor of Embrace Your Geekiness Day, I made these wicked awesome earrings! (Forgive the poor photography, it’s late… and the paint is still drying!)

And here is my all time favorite geeky song. I love Marian Call ?

And what geeky holiday would be complete without a trip to the Etsy Geekery!! ?

1. Donatello Bot by boltsandbots
2. Cunning Hand-Knit Cowl from Ma Cobb by fadingendlessly
3. GBA USB Flash Drive by 8BitMemory
4. USB Typewriter by usbtypewriters
5. Mini Mr. Spock by lecorbeaurouge
6. My Captain Wears Tight Pants by fadingendlessly

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