{The Collectorials} Hot Air Balloons

I have a slight obsession with Hot Air Balloons. (I got that awesome print here.) I have this extremely vague memory from my childhood of not being able to ride in a hot air balloon because I was too little. I have no idea if that actually happened, it could very well have been a dream. I have extremely realistic dreams and sometimes I get a little confused as to what is real! But that’s not the point. The point is, SOMEDAY I am going to ride in a hot air balloon and it is going to be amazing.

Here are a few of the hot air balloon related goodies that I have bookmarked over the years. I think I’ll start a Pinterest board haha! (I think I need to make myself a hot air balloon dress.)

1. Hot Air Balloons PRINT by Kathy Panton
2. Hot Air Balloon Ornament Tutorial by The Cheese Thief
3. Hot Air Balloon Locket by Cute Ability
4. ‘Do you realize that we’re floating in space?’ by Eye Poetry Photography
5. Hot Air Balloon Shirt by googoo & gaga
6. Hot Air Balloon Dress by Me Sew Crazy
7. Hot Air Balloon Dress by Fashion is Spinach
8. Striped Beautiful Balloon Necklace by mamas little babies

Another semi-recently developed obsession? Nail polish. And painting things with nail polish. (Other than my nails!) I bought this hot air balloon necklace in January with some of my Christmas money. It was was of those ‘I need to make sure I use up the rest of this gift card’ purchases, because it stinks when you have a dollar and change left on a gift card. That and I loved it, obviously. But the colors were just not me. Nail polish to the rescue. I love it now! Bright, colorful, and perfect. Darth Vader isn’t fond of having a rainbow balloon in his face though. Oh well. Can’t make everyone happy.

PS. This ring I just found on Etsy is perfect.