365 Days Outside > 121-127

Day 121
We got the second half of the garden planted today! We planted some radishes, zucchini, onions, sunflowers and watermelon! (And I might be forgetting a couple.) I’m excited about the watermelon, I hope it does well. That would be awesome! Juniper’s favorite part about gardening is getting to use the hose. (And Flynn’s favorite part is obviously the dirt.)

Day 122
WATERMELON!! Yum! There is nothing more perfect on a hot, sunny day than a slice of watermelon outside. So so good.

Day 123
I thought I’d do Shaun a favor when I got home from work and take the kids out to the park for a little while to give him a break. We couldn’t find a park… so we ended up at the mall. Not quite outside. And I learned that you should never go the mall by yourself with two kids and no stroller unless you really love pulling your hair out. Juniper only wanted to play in the cheesy play area, and Flynn only wanted to run off. They make a great team.

Day 124
Juniper and I got to spend a little time together today just the two of us. We went to Michaels while Shaun took Flynn to Home Depot to price wood for a project. When we were done at Michaels we walked to Hobby Lobby and Shaun picked us up there. Then we had dinner at Ehren and Lindsay’s house saw the prettiest sunset on the way home. It was a nice day.

Day 125
Some of our seeds have started sprouting! Flynn helped me thoroughly inspect the dirt in the garden while Juniper helped Dad hang up our new clothes line! He bought all of the hardware while he was at Home Depot yesterday. We are excited to start using it. (Of course I mean HE is excited to start using it, since he does all of the laundry. I know ladies, I’m a lucky one.)

Day 126
Back to Home Depot we go! We bought wood for the compost bin Shaun is planning on making this weekend and dreamed about how awesome it would be to stick a spiral slide on our deck. If only we had an extra $600 or so! The kids absolutely loved that cart for about 10 minutes, and then they just screamed a bunch and wanted to run around the store like crazies. Oh well. We tried once again to find a park on the way home, but the one we thought of didn’t have a play area so the search for a close park continues.

Day 127
Juniper’s little flower garden is doing quite well! Even though it hasn’t rained in forever. Daddy helped her water it with the hose today, which is always exciting. And look! Her first flower has bloomed! She HAD to show me that as soon as I got home from work.