I used to read a lot, but having kids kind of made that a hard hobby to find time for. Between work and kids and other responsibilities, there is only so much time for hobbies and I usually chose more crafty pastimes. I think I’ve read MAYBE 3 books in the past 4 years? This year I made a goal for myself to read 6 books, and by golly I’ve done it!! I read The Mourning Dove, The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Maze Runner (I’ve got The Scorch Trials on hold at the library), Thirteen Reasons Why, and I’m currently working on The Fault In Our Stars.

Last month we finally got library cards. Which is pretty sad considering we’ve almost lived in this town for a year. The term “slight obsession” comes to mind when I think about the library. We’ve gone twice this week, and we typically have at least 10 books checked out at a time. Juniper loves getting to take home a handful of books, and I love that she gets so excited about reading. Even Flynn enjoys our weekly trips. I’ve also fallen in love with the concept of putting books on hold, and our library’s website has a place to store books on a virtual shelf “for later”. I love it.

I’m really glad that I’ve rediscovered my love of reading. Now if you’ll excuse me, chapter 4 is waiting.

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