{14 Days of Love} Day 8 – 100 Things

Yesterday I shared some of our tiny love note books, and today I’m sharing my favorite one! I made this book as a gift for Shaun for our 6 year anniversary back in September, but I forgot to share it on here. I was doodling hearts one day and I thought to myself “Ooh I should make Shaun a book called ‘100 Things I Love About You’ and each page can have a reason and the number of hearts of that page!” It seemed like a great idea until I got to about #30 and realized just how many hearts I would have to draw.

1+2+3+…+100 = 5,050 (Just so you know.)

I thought I’d never finish! But it was worth it because I just love this book, as does Shaun which I suppose is important too. If you want to do something like this for your special someone for Valentine’s Day, I suggest getting started TODAY. It took me about a week to finish, but I only worked on it while I was at work on lunch breaks and such. You could totally save some time by using a small heart shaped stamp, but I think the hand written hearts makes it more special.

2 thoughts on “{14 Days of Love} Day 8 – 100 Things

  1. A heart shaped hole punch would be cool for some holes,
    but of course, it would be on both sides of the page
    so going from 79 – 80 wouldn’t work.
    It’s adorable. Go figure. YOU’RE adorable!
    I have a solution to the argument. . .
    Simultaneous Translation!