Messages in the Stars

watercolor stars

Last week I bought some 5×7 matte boards at the dollar store, and it turns out they work great for tiny watercolor experiments! And three for a dollar? Score!

I made these while I was waiting for Juniper’s silhouette to dry. I was trying to master my “space” technique. Dark colors are hard! These are both gifts for Shaun. I of course gave them to him as soon as they were finished.. Happy Tuesday! Orion was his favorite constellation as a kid, and it was mine too. It’s fun to think we were both looking at the same stars. We would have liked to name our son Orion, but Orion Bryan? We just couldn’t do that to the poor kid.

I went back and purchased a few more packages of matte boards the other day. I see many people getting mini watercolor paintings this Christmas. (Cindy, yours is already done. Curious? Mwahaha!)

watercolor stars

In other non-watercolor related news, I am making a lot of progress on my craft room reorganization! (Yes Lindsay, it is actually coming together!) I am super excited to start some mini quilting projects next week, and I’ve been thinking up a million different Christmas gift ideas. My goal is to have all of my Christmas shopping/making done by December 1, that way I can focus on more important things during this Holiday season. (Like a certain little girl’s 4th birthday!)