It’s not much of a secret that I am obsessed with Instagram. I’m a bit late on the bandwagon since I’ve only had a smart phone for a couple of months now, but I love how easy it is to document bits and pieces of life. I love taking pictures of projects that I’m working on. It’s fun seeing the progress shots.

I think my absolute favorite part though is that I can stalk Julie! Is that totally weird? But seriously, how awesome is it that we can still chat and keep in touch and see pictures of each others kids, all while living a million miles apart?! (They moved to Hawaii by the way. Totally jealous. In a good way.) Ok, now that I sound like a creeper… (JULIE I MISS YOU!!!!)

Instagram just launch new profile pages on their website. They are pretty neat, you should go check it out. Then you can feel like a creeper too. But creep away, I don’t mind.

2 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Awww you are so not creepy!! Neither of you, haha ;). I love you and miss you like crazy, too!! And I love stalking you back, although I'm not sure it's called stalking at this point… Anyways you are the best. I feel loved :)