Juniper’s Birthday

Juniper is going to be turning 4 this weekend, and she is SO EXCITED. She has been making practice cakes from play dough for the past few weeks, and telling me all about the presents she is going to get. One day she started opening pretend letters from all of her friends telling her that they were going to come to her party. Apparently her friend Jason is coming because “he ALWAYS likes cake!” Also, she has decided that her favorite color is pink, but when she turns four, it’s going to be blue.

I wanted to throw her a My Little Pony party, but she vetoed that idea surprisingly. She said all she wanted was balloons. And cake of course. Then she decided that I would be allowed to put ponies on her cake. And Tinkerbell. And balloons. (I’ve done a sketch of what I want her cake to look like, and if it works, it will be awesome.)

She is spending tonight with her Oma so I can have some time to work on her cake and get her presents wrapped up. Her birthday is actually on Sunday, and we will be driving out to Hermann to celebrate with her birthday buddies. She shares a birthday with two relatives, her great-Opa and Shaun’s cousin’s wife. And apparently there is some giant star decoration that they’ll be putting up, so I’m excited to see that!

Man, I can’t believe that girl is going to be four…