Hello Old Friend


I did not think this post was going to be so hard to write! Which is just silly really. Basically, I want to say that I miss blogging and I’ve made it a goal to start writing on a regular basis again. There are LOTS of other things I want to say, but maybe those stories will have to wait for another day.

So much has changed since I last posted. One BIG thing that is different is that I work from home now! I just started last week. They are going to be closing down our local office and everyone will be working from home now. It’s a weird transition. Having all of my office stuff in my sewing room just feels strange still. It was especially weird to take down all of the photos and bits of random memorabilia that I had taped to my cubicle wall! I’d been taping things to that wall for four years. But its a change that I’m really excited about. I was starting to feel sort of stuck in the same routine, and honestly it was killing me. A change was very much needed. I still need to finish reorganizing my work space so that it isn’t so crowded with fabric and paints and unfinished projects. (Lots and lots of unfinished projects…)

Mostly I’m excited to get to see my kids more often. It is so nice being home when they get home from school. I can take a break for a bit and hang out with them. They also like to work on craft projects while I’m working. Juniper has become obsessed with finger knitting, and she’ll sit next to my desk and knit away while I work. Flynn likes to paint and draw on the desk near mine. Sometimes though, I think the kids are more excited about the fact that I brought home all of my office toys! Now if only I had a giant whiteboard for them to doodle on they’d be all set. Ha!