This weekend would have been an absolutely perfect weekend if we weren’t all sick the whole time. Even a horrendous cough and slight fever couldn’t break Juniper’s enthusiasm though, she had been looking forward to Saturday all week! The second Daddy got home from tutoring, we got to work on our cake pops. I can’t wait to share her cooking video, we got a ton of adorable footage. My dining room table was covered in chocolate, and that little girl was in cake pop heaven.

The weather on Saturday was fantastic. It would have been a great day for some archery practice, but I could hardly pull the string back I was so weak from being sick. We spent a good amount of time outside enjoying some fresh air though. The area under our deck makes me laugh because it is SO green when everything else in our yard is dead. When it snows, it is like a tropical oasis under there!

I am feeling a little better today, better enough to be back at work anyway. Oh one more exciting thing from this weekend. I FINALLY found Freezer Paper at the store!! I seriously look for it every time I go grocery shopping, and I never find it! I’m excited to use it! Maybe a little too excited.

2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. My favorite thing about freezer paper? On the box it mentions ways to use it for crafting! It makes me wonder if anyone actually uses it for whatever it was originally meant for. Haha.