Garden Planning

This past week it’s finally started feeling like Spring. The weather has been lovely and the trees are starting to grow little buds. I CAN NOT WAIT for all of the trees to have leaves again. Spring is my favorite!! I’m so so excited to pick lilacs and mulberries, and attempt to grow our backyard garden again. Last year was our first summer in our house, and we were so excited to have such an awesome garden plot. BUT we had a crazy drought where it didn’t rain for like 4 months straight and was over 105° most days. Oh it was torture… On the bright side though, there’s no way our garden can do worse this year!

Juniper is excited to help out. This week our goal is to pull out all of those weeds and dead plants from last year. We’re also planning on starting some seeds inside. We bought flower seeds for Juniper’s little flower garden in the front yard, and I have dreams of buying a potted lemon tree to replace the yucca plant near our walkway. (I hate that thing.)

At times like this, I wish I inherited my mom’s green thumb. That woman can grow anything. I can’t even keep a succulent alive. But I’m hopeful for this year’s crops! And even if our garden poops out on us again, my father-in-law has an AMAZING garden and they are always more than happy to share.

4 thoughts on “Garden Planning

  1. Here, you can’t really plant much (but peas and lettuce) before Memorial day but I bet you can start planting quite a bit early than we can. Ask around before you plant. It sucks to plant your garden and have it freeze a week later. *grin*

    • I’m going to a gardening class tonight. Last year we waited too long to plant anything. Eventually we’ll get it right :)

    • I’ve got to take advantage of it before she’s a teenager and thinks gardening with Mama is lame :)