As She Is

Yesterday when I got home from work, Flynn was still napping and Juniper was in an extra sweet mood. We were sitting at the kitchen table having a snack when I thought to myself, “I want to remember everything about this little girl as she is RIGHT NOW, because all too soon it will be so different.” I asked her if I could take some pictures of her, and she said we’d have to wait until her babies woke up. (She’s kind of obsessed with babies right now. More specifically, baby sisters haha!)

So this is Juniper. Always dirty, barely controllable crazy hair, nail polish all over, endless doofy faces. (How do other people keep their kids clean?? I swear, ten minutes after I clean them up mine just go right back to looking like cavemen.) I don’t know if she’ll ever let me cut her hair, she’s decided she wants it to be down to her ankles. (But not any longer or she’ll step on it and ‘never be able to walk again’ haha) Of course, she hates having it brushed.. fun stuff. UNLESS it’s bedtime. She’s figured out that she can stay up a bit longer if she asks me to brush her hair. It amazes me how thick and long her hair is now, I remember when it was just thin, wispy baby hair. (And she still didn’t like it being brushed!)

After taking pictures for a little while, we decided to go check out our poor, neglected, pathetic attempt at a garden. One of these years we’ll get it right. Right now it’s just fun to stick random seeds in the ground and see what grows. This year’s lesson: cucumber plants are enormous! I really had no idea they were vines either, so we’ll plan that a little better next year. We harvested a couple of nice big cucumbers last night, but they were super bitter… Not enough water I guess? I’ll have to remember to water this plant more often if I want the rest of them to taste a bit better. The only things really growing this year are the cucumbers and yellow squash. I’m sad that we won’t have any zucchini this year! Last year the zucchini did REALLY well. (And everything else died, haha!) We’ve got a couple of sad little corn plants, and I was super surprised to see tiny ears of corn on them! We’ve got hipster corn, with purple hair, apparently.