Grandma’s Couch – Dress Restyle

(Like my poses? Juniper was my coach, haha!)

A couple of weeks ago I went to Goodwill looking for something I need for a super secret project. That never works by the way, going to Goodwill with something specific in mind. Never ever works. But what I DID find was this fantastic dress!

I fell in love with the colors and once I tried it on, I just knew I had to buy it. I was giddy with excitement and could not wait to show Shaun my amazing find when I got home from work! Luckily I have a husband that completely understand and accepts my oddness. Plus, he thought the dress was cute. In fact, he tried to convince me not to modify it saying “yeah it’s crazy looking, but you can pull it off!” But that collar thing REALLY needed to go.

I was able to turn the “wings” into sleeves pretty easily, but I screwed up the neckline in spots so I’ll redo that eventually. The waistline used to have that classic 80s prom dress point (Can you even tell in the before photos?) and it was driving me crazy so I straightened it out. Then all that was left was so shorten the skirt a bit! The giant flower from the bodice was only pinned on, so it was easy to stick in my hair.

I love this dress because it makes me feel fancy. (Look, I even got some lovin from my hero!) But not SO fancy that I’ll never wear it. I only wish I had enough extra fabric to give it pockets. Because dresses with pockets are the best.

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s Couch – Dress Restyle

  1. this is amazing! I am not a fan of many dresses, but this is def. something i would wear. you did an awesome job revamping it. i didn’t think the wings were that bad. it’s the little flower that stuck out to me. Love it!

  2. The funny thing is, when I saw the dress I thought it looked like a dress that would have pockets, haha.

  3. If the pocketses are on the inside,
    who’s going to see them if they’re not the same fabric? EH?
    I actually kinda liked the odd collar wings.
    I HATED the flower.
    You did a nice job turning the wings into sleeves though
    and I LOVE the flower in your hair!
    Now how funny is that?