[What I Wore} To Work

This morning was a little hectic. I had a conference call and some last minute design work for Little Me Tea, and then my boss called to remind me that my time sheet was due this morning and the HR department was calling him in a panic. So I got dressed as quick as I could, ate some waffles and headed out the door. When I got to work, caught a glimpse of myself in the window and realized I sure did pick a crazy outfit! A TMNT t-shirt, striped sweater, polka dot skirt and of course my bright red shoes without shoelaces. (Juniper decided to “fix” them for me and I still can’t find the laces.)

I was feeling a little self conscious at the grocery store after work because people kept looking at me. I use to struggle with my self image, but over the years I’ve learned to embrace my personal style. The more mismatched patterns and bright colors the better in my opinion. Yeah. I’m awesome. That is my absolutely favorite skirt by the way. It’s super comfy, and has the best pockets.

I have never been a fan of sweaters. Just don’t like them. BUT this past winter I realized that I love wearing v-neck sweaters with t-shirts underneath. I’ve got a few nice sweaters now that make me feel a little fancier than usual when I wear them, but the fact that there is usually a Boba Fett or Spock head sticking out the front entertains me to no end. I guess I’m just easily entertained.

(You can totally see the freckle on my lip in this picture. It drives me crazy!)

Shaun didn’t quite understand why I was so intent on taking photos of my outfit today. He said, “You dress like this everyday. Why is this outfit special?” Well, it’s special because I decided to make it special! And it reminds me that it pretty much doesn’t matter WHAT you wear, as long as you wear it like you mean it! And if people at the grocery store look at me like I’m crazy? Well, they are right. I am a little loco.

4 thoughts on “[What I Wore} To Work

  1. You are TOO CUTE! A total original and authentic as ever! Those grocery store bishes are just jealous of your swagger!

    P.S. I happen to love the freckle… I have one on my lip too!

    • You're right, they just wish they could buy milk and yogurt with bright red shoes on. :)

      We are lip freckle twins! Hahaha!