Being sick ruins … all the things.

Last Thursday we had a little bit of a scare. Flynn woke up around 6, screaming and gasping for air. He just kept pointing at his throat as I panicked thinking he was choking on something. Before we could figure out what was going on, he calmed down and eventually fell back asleep. But he spent the next few days under the weather, and woke up choking a few more times. Our friend who is a doctor checked him out for us, and said it was most likely croup. Basically its an inflammation of the airways, which explains the difficulty breathing and the bad cough. It gets worse while they sleep, so we had a lot of LONG nights.

Shaun was out of town for three days while all of this was going on. He was helping out at scout camp. I had all sorts of fun plans for last weekend, but a sick kiddo who just wants to be held ALL day sort of makes getting anything done impossible.

Flynn is finally starting to feel better. He actually slept great last night and the night before, and his cough is on its way out. Of course, now Juniper is sick.. The poor girl has got a terrible cough, and had a fever all last night. So it looks like all of our fun weekend plans might get ruined once again by our summer sickies. It’s too nice outside to be sick! I’m really hoping Juniper feels well enough to go play with her Aunt Shannon tomorrow, she’s been looking forward to it all week.

I’m not feeling so well myself… Maybe I’m sick too, or maybe I’m just worn out. Probably a mix of the two. I don’t care much about myself, I just want my kids to feel better. Being sick is lame. (Although I do gladly welcome the extra snuggles.)

2 thoughts on “Being sick ruins … all the things.

  1. You probably won’t catch the croup.
    I think it’s just a kids thing.
    *hugs* Let’s hope I’m right.

    • Turns out, I AM sick. Blah. I don’t know if its the same thing, or something different, but I’m definitely sick and it sucks. It is too nice outside to be sick!