Florida Trip

fl lego

A couple of weeks ago we went to Florida to visit friends for a week. Well, it was supposed to be a week. But car trouble made it two weeks. (Really though, I can think of worse places to get stranded!) We got to spend a day at Disney and met Tinkerbell twice. (Flynn was such a flirt! He kept dancing around and telling jokes so Tink would laugh. And Juniper was just shocked that she was so big, hah!)

With all of our awesome car issues, we spent most of our vacation at the home of our sweet friends Jason and Veronica. They were super great about helping us out with the car, and Juniper said she wished we could live there forever. Veronica bought a little pool for the kids and they LOVED it. I may have to invest in one of those sometime.

We may as well dub this trip “The LEGO Vacation”. We brought a small box of them, which had tripled in size by the time we went home! The LEGO store was definitely a huge hit and I think Juniper would have stayed there all week if she could have. We let her buy a bucket from their wall of bricks. And then Veronica bought us a Cloud Cuckoo Palace playset! (Because Princess Unikitty is the best thing ever.) We also watched the LEGO movie for the first time. (And then watch it again like 80 times, obviously.)


My favorite day was definitely the day we finally made it to the beach. I wish that day would have lasted 5 years, it was the perfect beach day. Flynn was born to be a surfer dude. He was all about jumping in those waves face first. (Gave this mama a few heart attacks in the process.) I always forget how much I love being at the beach. Goodness I miss it.

Now that we’re back home, I keep thinking “Oh I wish we had done that” or “I wish we could have met up with so-and-so”. The car drama sure did put a limit on the things we were able to do… But all in all it was a pretty fantastic trip and I’m so glad we decided to go.

See you in a few years, Florida. We’ll miss you.