ATC Watercolor Portrait

{ATC Blogger Series} Kristen

I just decided to browse through my blog post drafts, and I realized I never posted this! This mini painting was the second one I finished, but I wanted to save it until Kristen got it in the mail (I sent it along with her drawing.) since I wanted it to be a surprise! I…


A Painting for Lia

I had my first watercolor commission last week! Or was it the week before last.. I lose track of these things. Either way, it’s in the mail now! This painting was done for my friend Lia. Thanks for letting me paint you and your brother, I hope your mom LOVES it.



I started this painting a couple of weeks ago and just got a chance to finish it up yesterday. This one was inspired by this post on Craftiness Is Not Optional. Seriously, how cute is Miss C’s little face? I was having a bit of trouble inking this one, I think it might be time…


Mini Self Portrait

Yesterday there was a little while where our servers were down, and when you work at a web based company, that makes working a little difficult. So instead of dusting off my cubicle or reorganizing my notebooks, I worked on a little sketch. This one is supposed to be a self portrait of sorts. What…


Oma & Opa

Can I just say, I love watercolors! I was originally going to draw this photograph of my husband’s grandparents as a Christmas gift for them, but I decided to paint it instead. I used the same style as my mini paintings, but this one is a 5×7. I’m a bit disappointed that Oma’s glasses turned…

ATC Watercolor Portrait

{ATC Blogger Series} The Dainty Squid

After painting Rachel and another brunette (I’ll be sharing her soon!), I wanted to paint someone with more… colorful hair. And whose hair is more colorful than Kaylah from The Dainty Squid? She was fun to paint because her hair is so bright and her outfits are always so much fun. I love her style,…


{ATC Blogger Series} Rachel

I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with watercolor lately. Last week I wanted to try something new, and then Rachel posted this super cute picture on Instagram, and it was just the motivation I needed. This painting is absolutely tiny, it’s ATC sized (2.5×3.5) and done with watercolor and pen. I love reading…


Messages in the Stars

Last week I bought some 5×7 matte boards at the dollar store, and it turns out they work great for tiny watercolor experiments! And three for a dollar? Score! I made these while I was waiting for Juniper’s silhouette to dry. I was trying to master my “space” technique. Dark colors are hard! These are…