{ATC Blogger Series} Kristen

ATC Watercolor Portrait

I just decided to browse through my blog post drafts, and I realized I never posted this! This mini painting was the second one I finished, but I wanted to save it until Kristen got it in the mail (I sent it along with her drawing.) since I wanted it to be a surprise! I love a good surprise.

I haven’t done any painting yet this year! I did some experimenting with stretching the watercolor paper though, so it doesn’t warp and all. But I haven’t used it yet so I can’t tell you if it was a successful experiment. Maybe I’ll do some painting this weekend. Or maybe I’ll just watch 14 hours of Dr. Who and eat a whole bag of pizza rolls. OR MAYBE I’ll get to hang out with my little brother who is going to be passing through town tomorrow!! (He’s a trucker.) I’M EXCITED.

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