Mini Self Portrait

Mini Watercolor Portrait

Yesterday there was a little while where our servers were down, and when you work at a web based company, that makes working a little difficult. So instead of dusting off my cubicle or reorganizing my notebooks, I worked on a little sketch. This one is supposed to be a self portrait of sorts. What do you think, does it look like me? Well, me if I dye my hair redder, ha! I think I definitely need a Tardis necklace though.

I spent my lunch break today playing with my paints and listening to Christmas music over at the little table in our office kitchen area. I think watercolors are so pretty, all the different colors lined up. I feel like I should keep them cleaner, but I like how they look all messy. I’ve been wanting to buy a mini paint set to keep at the office, but I think I’ll try making one instead, because that is always cooler.

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