Recycled Sweater Dolls – Odette

My latest artistic obsession? Insanely cute stuffed animals made from old clothes!!!

Odette is made from 90% recycled materials, the only thing new is the buttons used to hold her arms on and her nose button (And the stuffing). Her body is made from an old dress, and her dress and flower are made from the sleeve of a blouse. The accent fabric on her face is from an old jacket, which I also got the buttons for her eyes from.

I absolutely adore how she came out! She is for sale in my Etsy Shop!



One thought on “Recycled Sweater Dolls – Odette

  1. That is one fo the cutest stuffies I have seen. Love that she is made of preused materials.Would be a great way to remember outgrown or damaged favorite outfits.