Boba Fett and Blueish Hair


I’ve got this habit of starting to write blog posts, and then letting them sit in the drafts folder for all eternity. I don’t even remember when I started “writing” this one! I think it was 2 weeks ago? I think that’s how long ago I dyed my hair… I guess it was mostly because I couldn’t think of anything to say other than, “LOOK AT THIS THING I MADE AND LOOK AT MY BLUE HAIR!” And, honestly, that’s still about all I’ve got. :)

I’m really quite proud of that Boba Fett mini quilt though. I feel like I’ve come a really long way with quilting, and this particular quilt is probably my very favorite one yet. I was sad to send it off, but my swap partner LOVED it.

The blue hair has been fun. It’s not a color I ever thought I’d do! And it was just a sort of whim and that turned out a lot brighter than anticipated. You can’t really see it well in these pictures, but there are lots of pink/purple streaks throughout the blue. Juniper calls it Space Hair, and I kind of love that description. I just need a star crown and I’ll be all set. The color has lasted surprisingly well. I thought it would have faded more by now.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I get a LOT of compliments on this hair color. Especially from the kids in Juniper’s class! But everywhere else I go too. For someone who prefers to stay off of people’s radars, I sure do have some dang bright hair. Yesterday while at Target, someone behind me said, “Awesome hair!” and I turned around and said thanks. I heard him say to his friend a bit later, “You KNOW your hair is awesome when someone says ‘awesome hair’ and you the only one who turns around.” That gave me a good laugh.