Recycled Materials Diaper Bag

When I started learning to sew, I got a request from my sister (who is preggo with girlie #3) for a diaper bag made from recycled materials. Sounded like a fun project to me! I am fairly happy with the outcome. It definitely looks handmade! Which I guess is a good thing, right? It’s made with love :)

One thing I think a good diaper bag needs is lots of pockets, so I was excited when I found this skirt at the Goodwill Clearance Center. (oh how I love that place) It had lots of great pockets on the outside, PLUS it was actually a skort so it had shorts underneath with which I made MORE pockets.

The inside is lined with the fabric from a knitted woman’s top. And the pocket on the inside is brown corduroy from an old pair of pants of mine. (I’ve used that corduroy in several projects so far!)

 I made two extra pockets on the outside. The smaller one closes with a button, for pacifiers or whatever ends up in it. And the second pocket is made from the sleeve of the shirt I lined the inside with, and will be great for holding a bottle.

I hope it is sturdy enough to withstand life as a diaper bag. I learned a lot so hopefully my next big bag project will turn out a little better. I hope you like it Lil!