4 Simple Goals

With all of the transitioning going on around here, it’s the perfect time to join in Elsie and her 4 Simple Goals challenge.

So here they are…

1. Have a work space that is organized and inspiring to work in.

The organized part may seem a little far fetched, but since I just lost my job I’m going to be spending a lot more time in my studio. I want it to be a space that I enjoy being in. Right now I work in the living room… but our new apartment has a HUGE closet that I’ve claimed and I can’t wait to turn it into my studio.

2. Take weekly pictures of my developing baby bump. 

I always said I would do this when I was preggo with Juniper, but I didn’t even come close. As soon as I we move in a couple of weeks, I’m going to pick a cute spot and take a new picture every Saturday.

3. Get back into working out every night.
I used to work out every night and I really enjoyed it. Since I’ve gotten pregnant, I have been too nauseous and tired to even think about it. But as soon as I get through this stage of the pregnancy I’m going to start back up. I want to be as physically prepared for this baby as I can, and I want to feel healthy and pretty even though soon enough I’ll be big as a whale.

4. Read more.

Now that I am not working full-time, I’d like to make the time to read. I’ve been stressing a lot about how I’m going to make money from home, and I need to take a little time each day to relax and read a good book.