A Drawing to Keep

I’ve decided that when we have a house, instead of hanging photographs in our living room, I’m going to start a collection of family portraits done by various artists. How much fun will that be? It will be our own little art gallery ?

It is so hard to photograph pencil… I’m not 100% satisfied with this drawing, mostly because I’M in it and I am way not a fan of drawing myself. But Juniper and Shaun turned out cute so I’ll let it pass. This drawing was my waiting room entertainment while I was pregnant. (I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms…)

It has been a REALLY long time since I’ve drawn anything for me to keep. Everything I’ve drawn in the past 5 years has been a commissioned piece, and I’ve made it a goal to get a drawing into every state. So far I’ve got 10! Someday though, this whole map will be blue! (Probably a very long time from now.) Anyone know anyone who lives in a non-blue state who might be interested in a drawing? Use the coupon code GOBLUE10 for 10% off in my Etsy shop! (Don’t worry, that’ll even work for those of you in blue states haha)

3 thoughts on “A Drawing to Keep

  1. I think I will be moving to Cali, so you can wait to draw the pics of my kids until I move if you want. :)

  2. You ought to know SOMEONE in Utah! *grin* A friendly missionary perhaps? Beth is in Arizona, right? Hit the chick up!