Colored Pencil Progress


I started off strong with this drawing and my progress has sort of dwindled to nonexistence. Which seems to be the norm with me. (Who wants to place a bet for how long this will sit unfinished in my desk?) I had so much working on the kids, but that grass is killing me! And I had to pick a photo that is pretty much 60% grass. Not sure what I was thinking there.

I haven’t had much time to work on it this past week, and I won’t have time to work on it for another couple of weeks. I am heading out of town tomorrow morning for my brother’s wedding, and next week I’ll be in Chicago for a business trip. I’m starting to feel terrible about leaving the kids and Shaun for so long, but I’m really excited about both of these trips. I’m going to miss my crew something fierce though. I didn’t even come close to crying when school started, but I may get misty eyed as I drive off tomorrow morning. (At 3 in the MORNING. Seriously. Not cool.)