Colored Pencils


It has been YEARS since I have played with colored pencils. Heck, I haven’t even owned a pencil sharpener in… I don’t remember how long. Crazy, I know. Well, last week I bought some colored pencils and an awesome pencil sharpener (that I am absolutely in love with) and picked a photo to draw. Colored Pencil Magazine is having a competition right now, so I figured it was the perfect time to sharpen my skills. (And pencils! Haha!) I definitely don’t think I’ll win anything. I’m just playing along for fun. In fact, I may not even submit the finish piece because there is an entrance fee. I’ve been working on it here and there for two days now, and so far I love how it is turning out. I just adore this photo from last year. I already have the perfect spot to hang it when I’m finished.

2 thoughts on “Colored Pencils

  1. Crystal, I love it! You should definitely keep using colored pencils. It looks great. And I didn’t know about this colored pencil competition. I may have to submit … but I don’t like entrance fees either … we’ll see. Great job, though!

    • You should definitely enter something! I don’t think I will have this piece done in time, but I’m having fun working on it. There is just SO much grass….. I’m over here pulling my hair out.