5 Things

1. I have recently become quite obsessed with Pinterest. Holy creative inspiration, Batman! I’ve found so many great recipes and tutorials and home decorating ideas. I love it. (image source)

2. Someday, when we finally plant that money tree in the back yard, I WILL OWN these old school Ninja Turtle cereal bowls. They’ll have a special spot on my book shelf, because yes, I am that much of a dork. (image source)

3. We might be going to Disney’s Star Wars Weekend this Saturday!! I am so excited! (Again with the complete dorkness) I need to make some cute outfits for the kids. (image source)

4. I finished up several creative projects this week!! I will be sharing them all very soon.

5. I’m absolutely in love with this banner. I need to make one for our home. (image source)

One thought on “5 Things

  1. 1) Guess I'll have to check it out. 2) I'll keep my eyes open. 3) Looks like fun! Have a blast! 4) Can't wait to see! 5) Save your cereal boxes and Hamburger Helper boxes etc. You want me to bring some paper down? *grin*