Our Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Animated Gif

Ok, I realize it is February. Almost March even. Christmas is long gone and talk of Easter is coming up everywhere. But I just found this animated gif that I never posted in December and it cracks me up. Shaun was EXTREMELY excited that the tiny Christmas tree we bought fit into our tiny trunk.

It snowed a ton today, and I’m too stubborn to use my vacation time to stay home so I am stuck at the office. Like, literally stuck. The roads don’t look too terrible, and it isn’t snowing anymore, but our parking lot isn’t plowed so getting TO the roads might be interesting. I may have to call my boss and have him come rescue me with a shovel. He lives right down the road. I’m the only one here today because everyone else is salary. Being the only ‘hourly’ employee stinks sometimes. Hopefully next month they are going to fix that.

Anyhow, I’m rambling. I hope the snow sticks around until this weekend so I can get outside and enjoy it! I bought a sled yesterday in anticipation, and I want to build a snowman!!