Craft Hope Project 12 – Bracelets

I posted earlier about the current Craft Hope projects going on. I’ve got the blankets and bracelets all packed up and ready to mail. Now all I have to do is head to the post office and mail them. Which, apparently, is a lot harder than it sounds. I have a small pile of packages I’ve been hoarding since forever. Looks like a couple of people will be getting their Christmas presents a smidge late.

The bracelets were a fun, easy project. When Mom and Shannon were in town visiting, we had a little Craft Night and made bracelets with the cute plastic beads Shannon brought along and Ashley taught me how to make friendship bracelets. I’ve been making bracelets all week.

Juniper even got in on the fun! She made some plastic bracelets with her new beads. I love that she’s starting to be more interested in creative activities. She likes to sit on my lap while I sew, and she’s gone through  a whole ‘paint with water‘ book. Hopefully as she gets older I can help her develop a passion for service and she can learn to use her talents for great things.

There are 25 bracelets in the package so far, but I KNOW there are a bunch more hiding around my house.  I will probably find them all as soon as I get home from the post office… That’s how it works, right? I guess if I do find more, I can always send another package to Craft Hope. They are collecting bracelets until June 15th.

One thought on “Craft Hope Project 12 – Bracelets

  1. With as much fun as you make crafting look, i'm sure its just as fun to do. Juniper will love to continue crafting with you, it's something special that you two can do together.