Birthday Craft Night

For my birthday this year (and I’m thinking I’ll make it a tradition!) I had a Craft Night with a bunch of family and friends. It was a lot of fun having so many loved ones in our home at the same time. That is my favorite part of parties. And we sewed a few cute little bunnies for Craft Hope. The night was a success!

I would LOVE to start having monthly crafty get togethers. It would give me a good reason to keep my craft room looking as awesome and clean as it is right now. I love it in there.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Craft Night

  1. Okay. Are the faces computer printed? They’re adorable!
    Next time you come up, we’ll have to have a crafty party.

    • I printed them on dark t-shirt iron on material to save us some time. I would love to have a crafty party with you! Fingers crossed for a trip home this summer.