$2 Dress Restyle

I bought this dress in the clearance section at Ross for $2. How could I pass THAT deal up? It was a bit too small for me, but I just knew it would make an adorable new dress for Juniper. I shortened the skirt about 4 inches, and scaled the top down using one of her t-shirts. I love how it turned out. 

When I told her I wanted to take pictures, she ran out on the porch, sat on the chair and smiled real big for the camera (a rare event indeed!) Then she stood up and struck a few poses for me. She even turned around so I could get a cute photo of the back! Man she is such a ham sometimes. We had quite a bit of fun taking photos on the porch. I love when she actually wants me to take her picture ?

I have definitely been getting my creative mojo back lately, and it feels great. I think I’ll take a break from clothes for a little while and sew some cute stuffed animals next! I also have a stack of pillow cases on my art room floor that need to be finished up. And who knows, maybe I’ll get daring and actually sew something for ME.

7 thoughts on “$2 Dress Restyle

  1. I am seriously jealous of you!! I need to learn how to do this kind of stuff!

  2. I wish I was your daughter. =) Also I'm super excited to see the stuffed animals you come up with because I loved those frogs!

  3. This turned out so so cute! Good reminder to scoop up good deals even if they aren't in the right size- Make it werq.

  4. so gorgeous! I have a bunch of mens shirts I have been collecting with the intention of turning them into cute little girls dresses (and possibly womens tops?), must get to it!