Instagram Hack

So many people have been posting Instagram photos lately, and I just love the way they look. It almost makes me want to buy an iPhone, and people who know me know that is a big deal. (I’m not really into Apple. Shocking, I know…) But no more! I found these awesome Photoshop action filters and had maybe a little too much fun with them tonight.

I am most likely going to regret spending so much time with this when it comes time to wake up bright and early tomorrow… Saturdays are no fun around here because Shaun works ALL day. (I’m talking, 8AM – 2AM) But this is the most creative thing I’ve done all month.. Getting ready to move is no joke! For me, not being able to be creative is like missing a leg. I can still function, but I just don’t feel like myself. Plus, having boxes piling up all around the house just makes me feel unmotivated and lazy. Anyone else feel that way? Hopefully it won’t be too long after the big move that we can get settled and get some normalcy back. (And by normalcy I mean crazy creative awesomeness!) Just 21 more days!

3 thoughts on “Instagram Hack

  1. Good luck with the move!Also, your kids have the cutest cheeks ever! (which is saying something since most kids have pretty cute cheeks!)

  2. Do you have an android phone? I just downloaded an app called Picplz and it is AWESOME! Best of all, it was free :)

  3. Ha! Not even remotely, I just have whatever phone was free when I renewed my contract :) Thanks Lia :) I just LOVE kissing those cheeks!