This past month has been interesting to say the least. Living out of boxes is hard! I am SO grateful to my wonderful mother-in-law for letting our crazy little family stay in her home while we looked for a home of our own. We most definitely enjoyed all those mama-cooked meals. (Is it just me, or is food WAY better when it’s cooked by your mother? Hopefully my kids feel the same way!)

Things are finally starting to settle around here and we really couldn’t be happier! We are having fun unpacking and finding a place for everything in our new house. And I am having fun thinking about what colors I want to paint the walls! I’m really excited about having seasons again. I never thought I would miss fall, but I am definitely loving on this cooler weather and looking forward to the holidays.

And check out this awesome rock I found in our yard! This one is coming inside :)

3 thoughts on “Happy

  1. I am so happy for you guys! These are exciting times in your life. Can you find me one of those pretty rocks? It's amazing!

  2. No, it's not just you – food IS better when cooked by a mom!!! Preferably your own mother, but usually any mom will do :) I miss you!! But I'm so excited about your new house – it looks aMAZING