Christmas Tree

I am super excited about this Christmas season. Our first Christmas in our new house! Time to start some fun family traditions. I really like the Christmas Book Advent Dana posted on her blog MADE. Maybe by next Christmas I can find enough books at the thrift store to do that with our kids. I know Juniper would love it, she’s such a bookworm.

And it’s officially Christmas time around here, we set up our tree! Juniper had fun “helping” us put it together. She is really enjoying all the Christmas festivities, especially looking at all the lights popping up around town. I think this face says it all.

In Florida we had one of those tiny 2ft tall fake trees, and the perfect amount of tiny ornaments to fill it up. Our tree this year is huge! (We inherited my mother-in-law’s old tree.) The ornaments are pretty spread out! I’m planning on crafting up a bunch of cute stuff to fill it up a little better. Any excuse to go to the craft store, right?