Birthday List Revisited (Again!)

I thought I’d take a look back at my “26 before 27″ list from my birthday last January. I can’t believe I’ll be having another birthday so soon! I’ve done quite a few things on the list, not all, but a nice chunk. There are still a few things I definitely want to try and do, like go ice skating, design a font and start a new family tradition.

So here’s what I’ve done:

1) Had a baby (This was the easy one haha!)
2) Invited friends over each month
4) Designed and sewn a hat
7) ATTEMPTED to restyle some cute maternity clothes…
8) Make my home beautiful
9) Learn how to knit
10) Take photos everyday (I haven’t taken photos EVERY day, but I definitely took enough pictures to pretend I did!)
11) We didn’t rent it.. but we did go out in a canoe with Julie!
12) Decorated a mini cake each month (only missed a couple of months)
13) Clean and organize my craft room (but it needs to happen again haha!)
16) Host a giveaway (I’ve got some things in the works!)
18) We tried to ride in the dinosaur boats but they weren’t there anymore *super sad*
23) Used my Craft Hope book
25) Sewn a quilt
26) Taken some cute photos with the hubs

I should probably start thinking of things for my “27 Before 28″ list!

One thought on “Birthday List Revisited (Again!)

  1. 1) You can't convince me it's EVER easy!

    2) You even invited ME over once! Yay!

    3) Are you working on Shaun's?

    4) A hat for one of the kids? I don't remember. Hmmm.
    8) Relative and opinion. ;-p (still liking the plaid!)

    9) Did you enjoy it?

    18) Google search some dino boats and take a trip! Sounds fun, eh?


    25) Be careful! It's addictive!

    p.s. There's still time you know!