Snow and Clamshells

We woke up to a pretty surprise today, our first snow! So fun! And yes, those are socks… I don’t own any gloves yet ha! We celebrated our first snow day by building our very first fire in our fireplace. Perfect for warming up after the inevitable snow ball fight.

After lunch, I got some time to work on my latest project. I’m having so much fun hand-quilting these clamshells. If you can guess what I’m making, I will mail you $10.

4 thoughts on “Snow and Clamshells

  1. Are you making a cover for the lap top?

    Gramma GG says that you should put their little hands down on a piece of paper and trace them

    and she'll knit you some little mittens.

    *grin* It's supposed to snow here tomorrow night.

    It's probably your left over snow storm. Thanks for sharing.