27 Before 28

I had a lovely birthday this year. Shaun and I went out to dinner yesterday (Kid-free! Thanks Oma!) at El Maquey and ate some yummy mexican food. I’ve got a nice big stack of new crafty books just waiting for me to read them. (A combination of Christmas and birthday gifts.) And of course, a new half-pony half-monkey monster to keep me company. What more could a girl ask for?

Well, I had so much fun with last year’s birthday list that I decided to make another one this year! You can’t really tell from this photo, but that card it TINY! I’m surprised I was able to fit it all on there! Man, imagine this list when I’m 85!

1. Paint my dining room chandelier
2. Sew myself a dress
3. Bake a cake from scratch
5. Do a “1 Photo an Hour”
6. Start a compost and plant a garden
7. Spend time outside every day
8. Organize all of my “scrapbookables” (Yes I made up that word…)
9. Sew a quilt
10. Learn how to use my camera
11. Finish the kitchen (as in painting)
12. Write in my journal more often
13. Go camping
14. Build a play area under the deck
15. Finish my saved games
16. Read 6 books
17. Get family photos taken
18. Knit mittens
19. Do one act of service each month
20. Make a budget and stick to it
21. Finish my Personal Progress
22. Learn how to drive standard
23. Go on a thrift trip in the city
24. NOT chop all my hair off
25. Finish my studio
26. Send birthday cards to my family
27. Sew doll clothes for Juniper

I was having trouble coming up with the last one so I asked Juniper “What do you think mommy should do this year?” and she said, “Umm… make a dress for mine dolly!”

4 thoughts on “27 Before 28

  1. That's a pretty good list there. Maybe I should come up with 53 before 54. Hmmm. That only gives me six months though! No fair! *grin* Mine would be more like 1) Get out of bed before nine for once. 2) Clear off the table for goodness sakes! 3) Unpack your clothes and put them away.

    They have to be easier goals because there are so dang many of them! *grin*

    • Those are worthy goals!! Now you just have to jazz them up a little: 1) Get out of bed before 9 and do the hokey pokey for once! 2) Clear off the table and paint it neon green for goodness sake! 3) Unpack your clothes and wallpaper your walls with them!