January Wrap Up

January was a pretty good month for me. I started working part-time and I think that has done a lot for my daily motivation. Having a set schedule is a wonderful thing. And it seems like when I am super productive at work, it carries over into when I come home. I call it work, but really it is a nice break! I really enjoy what I do, and I get to work with some pretty great guys.

I had a lot of time to craft as well, which is kind of amazing. Some of my favorite projects this month were the two rag dolls I made last week, my sister’s owl apron, and the hats and doll faces I got to do for Laura. I also sewed a really cute baby hat that I haven’t shared yet!

365 Days Outside
We did pretty good this month and only missed a handful of days! As hard as it is to get Juniper dressed and out of the house, I am so glad we’ve decided to do this challenge. I absolutely love being outside, and so does Juniper even though it’s like pulling teeth to get her to put pants on… Most days she begs me to let her stay out there. And when it is nice outside, I love being able to just leave the back door open and let her play on the deck. (Screen closed of course, I don’t need Flynn trying to climb down those stairs!) I’m excited about all the fun adventures we will have once the weather starts getting warmer.

I’m looking forward to a new month with new opportunities to be amazing.