Happy Earth Day

We had some fun plans for Earth Day, but the weather wasn’t so great and I still had a pretty bad headache from hitting my head so hard on Friday night. So we just stayed home and enjoyed a long family nap time. The nap was nice, but I hate the feeling of sitting around the house all day being lazy.

We did go outside to enjoy the beautiful, but chilly, evening though. And as usual, the minute I walked out the door I started feeling a little better. Juniper and I took a short walk down to the main road and picked some wild flowers. We found yellow, purple and white flowers. Juniper was pretty sad that we couldn’t find any red ones. On our way home, Juniper asked me to carry her. She had completely worn herself out running along looking for flowers. As I carried her, we talked about how beautiful the earth is and how much we love the flowers and the clouds and the sun. I really enjoy our conversations when we go for walks just the two of us.

We ran into a neighbor of ours who was fishing at the little lake down the street, and he taught Juniper how to use a fishing pole. He cast it a couple of times and let her reel it in. To say she was excited is a slight understatement. She didn’t even need to catch anything, just getting the lure back was enough for her! I’m thinking we’ll need to find her a little fishing pole sometime in the future.

And just for fun, here are some Earth Day related links that I am loving today.

  • This printable Earth Day Pledge from babalisme is adorable. I will be hanging on to this one for when the kids are a little bigger.
  • The Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book from the United States Environmental Protection Agency looks really cute.
  • I love these little grass ladies from Meet the Dubiens. They are so much cuter than the store bought ones, and a great way to recycle!
  • This 40 Tips to Go Green at Home post on Simple Mom is pretty great. A lot of them are pretty obvious, but there are quite a few on there that I could work on. (Except for #2, we switched all of our lights to LED because they are a lot better than CFLs.)
  • RebeccaPlants.com is a fun resource for outdoors activities.
  • This Love the Earth print from KilkennycatArt is so stinking adorable.
  • I really like these produce bags from Flip & Tumble, but these DIY ones on Delia Creates are so cute. I’m thinking things would fall out though, but maybe I’ll make some and see! They look super easy.

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