April Wrap Up

April was a month of taking a step back and refocusing. We’ve started clearing out a lot of the clutter in our home, renewed our motivation, relaxed some and learned to take things one day at a time. I’d say it was a pretty good month. I haven’t had much luck with my cameras though. First my big Nikon’s lens bit the dust, and then the screen cracked on my little Nikon! I feel like a serial camera murderer. Both replacements are on their way though. Speaking of on their way, some really good friends are coming to visit us this weekend and I am BEYOND EXCITED!

My craft room is under serious renovation right now and I am super excited to get it all settled. I’m trying to get everything organized to a point where I don’t have to drag everything out whenever I want to find something. On top of this huge mess, I’ve been working on a lot of bucket hats and a few drawings too! (I like drawing because it is the LEAST messy of all the creative things I do.) Hopefully I will be able to share a peak into my progress soon.

365 Days Outside
I think we’ve hit a wall in our going outside challenge. We do go outside everyday, we love hanging out on our deck in the evening! It’s been nice having a swing out there. But it seems like we just always do the same thing and it’s not as exciting anymore. To give us a jump start, I’ve been gathering up some fun ideas for activities to do outside. Like this scavenger hunt, Juniper would love that! For a while we were going on walks every evening, but the kids are getting too big to stick them in the same single stroller so we haven’t for a while. I would love to get some bikes and a double bike trailer though! We live close to a nice trail and I think it would be fun to take family bike rides.