Monday Links

I am having such a hard time getting started this morning! I guess it’s not even technically morning anymore… Which just proves my point. So just to procrastinate a little more, here are some things I’ve been loving lately.

  • We need to get our garden going… This week is the plan.
  • Lately I’ve been loving this website.
  • This site has a lot of recipes that are interesting!
  • My craft room needs this print.
  • This adorable dress makes me want to go home and sew something.
  • These activity books are so sweet, I need to make one for Juniper.
  • I’d forgotten how much I love Target… They have the prettiest plates.
  • I really need this shirt… Or this one! Or ALL of these! (I love t-shirts.)
  • I made the cutest cupcakes for Mothers Day! Inspired by this post..
  • I might be slightly obsessed with cupcakes, these are on my to-do list!

We had a lovely weekend. Saturday Shaun’s cousins had a BBQ to celebrate graduation (Congratulations again Ehren!!) and the day was full of sunshine, good food and family. And for Mothers day I made these adorable cupcakes and we had a delicious dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. I think I’m spoiled with all the good food I didn’t have to cook myself this weekend! Just thinking about it all is making me so hungry. The German potato salad Jane sent home with us is calling my name. Is the work day over yet?