Biking Home

Today I did something that I have been saying I would do for weeks and weeks. I biked home from work! It’s only 5 miles, which to hardcore bikers I’m sure sounds laughable. But for someone who is definitely not in the best shape, it’s a pretty big accomplishment. And it wasn’t so bad. Ok, the hills were kinda brutal, but most of the trip was on the bike trail and that part was actually pretty awesome. I took my time, rested whenever I felt like it, and took pictures with my phone. I think I can build up to being a hardcore biker. I certainly do enjoy it, and any workout that is enjoyable sounds good to me.

In other news… Juniper is at the hospital right now with Daddy, most likely getting stitches. She cut her foot earlier, and when I changed her bandage an hour or so later it was still bleeding pretty bad. I am so anxious right now because I just know she is crying so much. She hates doctors. Mostly because they make her take medicine! Hopefully they can give her something that will help with the pain. I feel like I should be doing something productive to keep my mind off of it, but I’m just sitting here feeling a little sick to my stomach. I think I will read some and wait for Shaun to call me with an update.

Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Shaun just called and told me they were going to have to amputate her foot. And by that he means she’s doing fine and they are in the waiting room still. Sheesh.

4 thoughts on “Biking Home

  1. Poor baby girl! And I am so proud of you for biking home. I have always wanted to (back when I was working), but I have always had to work considerably further than 5 miles from home. The only employer in a 5 mile radius from my house is Walmart. I have to commute big-time for a "real" job! Non-issue now.

    • She is doing much better today. It took 5 hours in the ER to get the stitches! Crazy. I was planning on biking TO work (and back) today, but I didn't get much sleep last night since I was waiting to hear from Shaun. They got home around 3am. But I'll try to tomorrow!