Rain Please? (and a work in progress)

It needs to rain. Seriously. For a week straight, maybe even two. Heck I wouldn’t complain if it rained for a whole month. All of our grass is fried from the constant 100°+ weather, and our yard is starting to look like a desert. (The giant cracks are actually kind of intriguing, they are really deep.) I’m sad that pretty much everything in our yard is dead, we had so much fun watching it all grow this past spring. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. It will most likely either not rain, or only rain for a little while. But we’ll take what we can get and be grateful for any moisture. At least next week it is predicted to stay in the 90°s.

Tonight I am working on a little web design project and I started a new drawing. This one will be for Samantha. It’s a cute photo. I’m hoping to have it finished up this weekend. I bought a new pencil today, and I might be just a little TOO excited about that.

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