Birthday List Revisted

Hey, remember this list? Yeah me too. I had forgotten about for a little while there, but it’s back now. I found it collecting dust on top of our refrigerator with a random assortment of other things my husband put out of reach. Still though, even without thinking about it for a few months I’ve still gotten quite a few of these things accomplished. Here are some of the things I’ve actually done:

1. Paint my dining room chandelier
2. Sew myself a dress
3. Bake a cake from scratch
6. Start a compost and plant a garden
7. Spend time outside every day
8. Organize all of my “scrapbookables”
12. Write in my journal more often
13. Go camping
16. Read 6 books
17. Get family photos taken
24. NOT chop all my hair off

So 12 out of 27. That’s not too bad, right?

4 thoughts on “Birthday List Revisted

    • It is a fun list to try and put together! I did one last year as well. I think it would be fun to do one when you are turning, like 98 or something haha!

  1. I'm such a list maker TOO!! i have so many I can hardly keep up at times but i try to keep one of my large ongoing projects, monthly birthdays to make cards for& whatnot. One of my to do's lately has been to write in my journal more & i've been researching composting as well. We're trying to be more thoughtful of our effect of the environment& so we're doing some big changes around the house: my husband opted to buy a straight razor, I switched us to cloth wipes (we already do cloth diapers)& of course starting a compost pile! It seems like parents my age (in my town) aren't concerned with recycling or our environment. it makes me sad !

    • My husband has been looking into buying a straight razor as well. I'll probably buy him one for Christmas if he doesn't get it himself before then! Our compost bin has been working great, but our poor garden is pretty much dead thanks to this crazy drought…. Seems like we have a lot in common :)