Kansas City Adventures

Last week my boss told us “By the way, next weekend there is a conference in Kansas City that you can all go to. Oh and we’ll pay for gas and food, AND you can take a day off this week if you go.” Ummm… Do you really need more incentive than that?? I know, how about you add in the fact that it just so happens to be the same weekend as Can’t Stop the Serenity?! (Disclaimer: If you haven’t yet figured it out… I am the biggest dork in the galaxy.)

So Saturday morning, we loaded up the car and headed West. It’s about a 2 hour drive to Kansas City, and the kids did pretty well. We met some coworkers of mine for lunch at PF Chang’s, and then I went to the conference while Shaun went off to visit some friends with the kids. I got to learn all about the veterinary industry (I make website for vets, by the way..) and I got some fun swag. Will spelled my name wrong on my badge :) After Shaun picked me back up a few hours later, we chilled with friends until it was time to head over to the movie theater.

The movie was AWESOME. (And the fact that Lesley and Jessica watched the kids for us was even awesomer!) First they showed Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Hilarious. Then they showed Serenity, of course. I just love seeing that movie on the big screen. I won’t ever get sick of it. This event wasn’t nearly as elaborate as the one we went to in Daytona a few years ago, where Juniper won the costume contest with her Fruity Oaty Bars octopus costume. (Kudos to you if you know what I’m talking about.) But it was a great excuse to bust out my Jayne hat.

We ended up crashing at the Davis abode, because we were soooooooooooo tired and weren’t looking forward to the 2 hour drive back home. Plus, when we got back, Juniper came running into the room crying “I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!” In fact, she was totally fine with the idea of us all leaving her there forever. The next morning, while the men played more Smash Brothers, Jessica and I did some thrift shopping. I wish we had more awesome thrift stores in Columbia! The two we went to were pretty sweet. We’ll just have to go back and visit more often so I can get my thrifting fix!

So now we are home, the kids are both in bed, I’m all showered and clean, Shaun is downstairs playing yet more Smash Brothers, and the car desperately needs to be unpacked. It was a good weekend.