365 Day Outside > 202-208

Day 202
Today we harvested the absolute biggest zucchini ever. That thing was enormous! And heavy. We ate stuffed zucchini for dinner, which was super yummy.

Day 203
For the first time in a long time, it wasn’t a million degrees outside this evening. So we enjoyed the nice weather by doing some much needed yard work. We pulled all of the dead plants out of the flower bed and got rid of a tree that managed to start growing right by our chimney.

Day 204
Today was a play-in-a-bucket-of-dirt kind of day. Which is Flynn’s favorite kind of day. They got as dirty as their little hearts desired, and then it was bath time.

Day 205
Daddy took the kids to the park today while I was at work. They explored a new park, and it is a winner for sure! It’s near my office, so they stopped in to say hello on their way to play.

Day 206
I took the kids to the splash park today for some cooling off. Juniper had fun playing with her ball in the water, and Flynn just squatted there splashing in the fountain the whole time. We played until sunset and got to watch the sky turn pretty colors while we drove home.

Day 207
Today we worked on the area under our deck some more. The kids played with rocks and the broom, while I pulled weeds and gathered trash. We found some interesting treasures, like a snake skin, an old toothbrush and lots of little gems.

Day 208
Flynn and Juniper both really love hiding under the cushions of our deck swing. Today I showed them that they could make a little fort by flipping the cushion over the edge of the seat. Needless to say they were both pretty excited about their new found hideout.