August Wrap Up

August has just flown by. In fact, it’s already a few days into September and I’m still forgetting that it is a new month. August was SO hot and SO dry! But we still had a lot of fun. We went on lots of family bike rides and geocaching adventures, spent the weekend in Kansas City, made some new friends, I read four books (FOUR! That’s crazy.) and discovered my new favorite indulgence – frozen yogurt from YogoLuv downtown. So good. And SO unhealthy. Speaking of healthy, I started dieting this month and I’ve lost 2 pounds.. Exciting, I know. Something that IS exciting though, is my new phone!! After some annoying drama with switching my phone company, we finally settled on Virgin Mobile and I have an Android now! It’s pretty awesome.

I had three creative goals this month. Make more time for making, finish 3 drawings , and participate in the newest Craft Hope project. I did manage to spend a lot more time in my craft room this month than I have in the past few months, and it felt good to get that sewing machine working again! I sewed a little dress for Juniper, new curtains for our kitchen window, and a baby shower gift for my step-sister-in-law. I also finally finished putting away all of my fabric!!! The craft room is SO close to being done now. I also did finish three drawings, which I think is some kind of record for me. I did this one, and this one, and I’ll be posting the finished third one soon. As for the Craft Hope project, I have a sewing date planned!

365 Days Outside
It’s pretty crazy to think we’ve been doing this for 200+ days now. I love looking back through all of the pictures we’ve taken and seeing how much the kids have grown. When we first started trying to go outside every single day, Flynn wasn’t even walking yet! Without much question, our favorite activity this month was the mud painting! We are looking forward to some (hopefully) cooler weather this month.